Investing at Saveene

At Saveene we understand that how you build a progressive business from a start requires a few but fundamental simple strategies.

From dreaming up our ideas, to starting up our ventures, growing our company and expanding nationally with plans to expand internationally is only part of Saveenes plans.

It is important to be forward thinking, eager to engage customers and staff, work smart and lead the way to bigger and better things.

Saveene has identified five vital ingredients that are required to progressive and these are:

  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Employee engagement,
  • Visions for growth,
  • Efficient systems
  • and good leadership.

This kind of recipe may sound easy to follow, but business owners prove every day how it is easy to lose sight of these vital ingredients.

Remember receiving poor customer service? How did it shape your view of the company as a whole?

What about how your employer engages you or you engage your employees - when that engagement was high, wasn't the best work done?

No company can get it right the first time, every time. The key to customer satisfaction is often the way in which a business responds when things aren't going well, rather than when they are.

In fact, this area is so key that when it comes to defining a progressive company the most important factor, is customer satisfaction.

From the start, Saveene attached great importance to customer views and feedback this is clearly seen on the companies reviews. Saveene believes that although many brands regularly respond to certain comments they sometimes fail to put that human voice or touch making the experience for the customer sound scripted and impersonal-Not what customers are looking for.

Employee engagement is crucial as well. No employee should feel undervalued and uninspired- we should not forget that they are in the front lines, yet intentionally or unintentionally businesses build a workforce of miserable people-this does not help anyone and its totally coounter-productive! Employees need to be involved in the future of the company and in helping achieve this growth plan.

Having a good idea and getting started is not enough for businesses to progress, you also need a clear vision of where you want to get to and how to get there - and communicating it to your workers is vital too.

At Saveene we have a vision of growth for our customers, franchisees, and investors something all our employees are focused on achieving. The can-do mentality is an essential part of Saveenes culture, a feeling of anything is possible is a must.

Technology is yet another venue or ingredient that Saveene uses to its advantage coming from a technological background it can be expensive, but judiciously investing in improving your systems helps people get more done, do it better and it will boost profits in the long run.

If texting is "hot" with your client that is on the go then text- It is important to get that message across using todays technology. Not all technology works, but we must embrace and try new innovations or risk staying behind. This is something that Saveene's CEO's understand well.

From trying out new ideas, to expanding our business, and funding our growth, this is only part of Saveenes enthusiastic and progressive culture.

Saveene specializes in making peoples dream a reality. Owning a yacht or a vacation property is not just a dream anymore its a reality. Saveene has made owning a luxury yacht, or a luxury vacation property a reality.

Investing in Saveene is investing in a progressive company with an outstanding culture and need to make peoples dream a reality!