Flying Privately
Saves Valuable Time
Promotes Efficiency

Time is especially important in the world of business and a businessperson’s time is quite possibly his or her most valuable commodity.

Probably the most significant benefit for flying private is the time passengers can save in doing so. When a passenger flies private, he or she can arrive at the airport just minutes prior to his scheduled departure time.

Private aviation travelers also experience the benefit of a non-stop, direct route to travel destinations, as opposed to spending time stuck trying to make connecting flights, layovers, etc.

Additionally, flying private means having more productive time while onboard the aircraft. Since travel schedules are optimized for efficiency and private aircraft cabins are configured in a way that is conducive to working, private passengers can get more work done in-flight. According to a recent study, some private passengers believe they are more productive on company aircraft than at the office because distractions are minimized.

Business aircraft passengers can take the time they need both in-flight and on the ground to communicate and engage with customers. Not wasting time means business professionals are able to get more accomplished and be more successful.

Other examples of efficiency demonstrated by companies using business aircraft are outperformance in annual earnings growth, stock and dividend growth and market capitalization. Studies show that businesses using private aviation provide a greater ROI to shareholders than ones in a similar industry that do not.

Often, business travelers need to transport tools, equipment or materials for business purposes, but these necessities can be in direct conflict with airline carry-on or luggage regulations.

Even if these items are in line with commercial airline regulations, there is always a chance that luggage contents can be lost or damaged in-flight.

Flying private allows business travelers to be more efficient since they can carry what they need directly onto their flights. Because of this, the chance of having luggage lost or damaged on private flights is practically non-existent. Advantages To Private Jet Travel

There are many advantages to private jet travel:

  • Luxury
  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Don’t have to fly out of busy hub airports
  • If you live near a smaller general aviation airport you can depart from there.
  • Why fly from a stressful and often chaotic busy airport when you can fly from FBO Fixed Base of Operation.
  • Before 9-11, security was much more relaxed but now it can be very stressful.
  • Parking lots for private flyers are usually free and secure 24/7.
  • Transport drivers are available to load passengers’ bags onto the plane for them.
  • Passengers are always with their belongings, so there’s no reason to worry that luggage will be lost, damaged, or sent to the wrong city.
  • Flying private also saves passengers the stress and frustration of going through those dreaded security lines. While the aircraft captain has the right to search passengers’ bags, there is no line, X-ray machine, wand, or removal of shoes, clothing, belts and jewelry.
  • Aircraft captains traditionally greet their passengers at the FBO and ask to see identification before escorting the group to the aircraft.
  • If passengers are late, the aircraft waits.
  • There are no plane changes during the flight, so no reason to sprint across sprawling airports to catch connecting planes.
  • Once on the aircraft, you can choose when to eat and drink whatever they have pre-ordered for their group.
  • For Executives flying private is just that – private and confidential.
  • The only people on board are those invited by the lead passenger.
  • The group can work uninterrupted or hold meetings if they need to.
  • Almost all aircraft are equipped with connections for laptops; some have cabin phones and fax machines.
  • Depending on the aircraft, passengers can listen to music, watch movies or even satellite TV.
  • They can walk around and change seats. On overnight flights, if there is space, beds can be made up for the passengers.
  • Before landing, aircraft crew can call ground transportation so passengers don’t have to wait.
  • These actions by the crew and team on the ground take the hassle out of air travel.
  • Passengers arrive at their destination ready to work or play.
  • They save time and get more done.
  • They can visit multiple destinations in one day, or change flight times and destinations throughout the day as needed.